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Sphere of activity

The Center combines two complementary elements: one of theoretic nature of generating knowledge, and other of practical character that intervenes on the reality. Both are thought to be live space of specialists´ interchange and meeting, where the detailed information of the different current works could be accessed and shared as well as topical issues could be discussed and dynamics of group work created. In particular the Center is specialized in the following spheres: 

  1. Elaboration of STUDIES AND INVESTIGATIONSabout the current reality that affects the young people and their environment.

    1. Own Investigations.
    2. Promotion of other´s investigations.

  2. SPREADING of the knowledge originated from the own analysis and from other information sources.

    1. Periodic edition of Center Queen Sofia´s Digital Magazine.
    2. Newsletter edition.
    3. Bibliographic Database (books, articles and magazines, PHD dissertations, newsletters and graphic material), regularly updated.
    4. Conferences, Seminars, etc.

  3. SPREADINGof another informative elements

    1. Calendar of events (cultural events, courses, congresses and conferences, prizes, scholarships and grants).
    2. Press News Section.
    3. “Young Planet”: panoramic view of the way the young people are showed, show their selves and are subject in the culture.

  4. Support of NET WORK.

    1. Forums: live space for professionals and specialists for information and documentation discussions and interchange. 
    2. Contact Platform for experts, professionals and institutions (national and international).


    1. On-line courses offer.
    2. Methodology and intervention programs elaboration.
    3. Work tools for professionals and youth mediators.